Who is the Sexiest Bartender at the Beach?

Sexiest Bartender in Ocean City



My husband and I have found ourselves becoming “regulars” at our local eatery, Kirby’s Red Onion Grille.   They don’t shout “Norm” when we arrive, but then again that’s not our name.  And everybody doesn’t know our name-- that would just indicate that we are there entirely too much.  But we are always greeted with a smile, friendly conversation, and drinks that we don’t even have to order by name--Paulie knows.


Not too long ago, we were at Kirby’s for a bite to eat and a drink.  (They have consistently awesome steamed shrimp—you’ve got to try it!) The mood was celebratory.  Justin Timberlake was bringing sexy back and Right Said Fred was too sexy for his shirt.  Apparently, our bartender, Paulie Smith, was nominated for the title of Sexiest Bartender at the Beach.    The Maryland Beachcomber newspaper features a new sexy bartender nominee each week .  Come Labor Day, voting will determine the chosen Sexiest Bartender at the Beach.


The Kirby’s staff had a reason to celebrate and to tease Paulie.  Paulie was outwardly modest; but c’mon, it had to have put a smile on his face. He was just smart enough not to strut and set himself up for more abuse.


With this honor, why are we staking claim?—our pub, our bartender.  Jim & I had nothing to do with Paulie’s sexiness.

But we celebrated just the same.


I had heard that Paulie was up against some competition.  We won’t know until after Labor Day.  Given the choice, I would vote for Paulie and here’s why:


  1. 1.He’sUsually, if you’re voted as sexy, you’re single—unless you’re in Hollywood.   Not that marriage makes you less sexy, you just don’t win awards for it.


  1. 2.He’s 38 yearsHave you seen the other nominees?  22, 23, 29,etc. years old.  Who says you can’t be sexy as you age?  Lots of people.  Again, unless you’re in Hollywood (and a man).  People magazine chose as their Sexiest Man Alive :  Sean Connery at 59 & Harrison Ford at 57.  I’m thinking they wouldn’t have been chosen if they were tending bar in Ocean City, Maryland.


  1. 3.He’s not in his 20’You can call it age discrimination, but I’m going to go with someone closer to my age.


  1. 4.He’s a friendly, likable guy that serves good food and drinks withoutHe takes great care of his customers and his staff too.  Isn’t that what makes a good bartender?


  1. 5.Sexiest?  Well, since both my husband and Paulie may read this, I’m going to go back to #4.



So, where can you find the Sexiest Bartender at the Beach?


Kirby’s Red Onion Grille

138th Street & Coastal Highway

Ocean City, MD 21842


You’ll find Paulie and the whole crew to be fun & friendly.  Their kitchen is open until 1:30, far later than most.  Great food.  The shrimp are my personal favorite, but the burgers and wings are good bet too.  They have enough TVs to watch multiple sports at once.  Football, woo-hoo!  And you won’t be watching alone.  Kirby’s stays pretty busy all year round.  They must be doing something right.


So if you’ll be vacationing in Ocean City, be sure to visit   Rent directly from the owners and your savings are a Shore Thing! 

(Sorry.  Shameless plug, I know)


And when you’re there, be sure to stop into Kirby’s Red Onion Grille.





Celebrate North Wildwood's Irish Fall Festival 2012

 In the words of my friend Paul Moore, of the Paul Moore Band,

“We’re on the road to Anglesea.”   And why? festival

To share in the Irish Fall Festival in North Wildwood

—of course!


For the past 21 years, people have flocked to North Wildwood to celebrate in this monumental summer farewell. Paul and his Irish bands have entertained the Irish Weekend crowds from the very beginning.   I remember spending the weekend in Wildwood when there were just a few hundred people attending.   Now, the event has flourished into a party of well over 200,000 visitors. 

During the Irish Fall Festival, everyone in Wildwood is Irish!

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Lifeguard Rescues 3 in Ocean City

I've had the pleasure of spending most of July in Ocean City, MD. (A mobile office has its advantages!) As anyone in the Northeast knows, the weather has been, for lack of a better word: extreme. In a few short weeks, we've experienced temperatures in the 90's, torrential downpours, window-rattling thunder and even hail. I overheard one restaurant patron compare Ocean City to Africa and was "waiting for a zebra to cross Coastal Highway."

Well, this weather has produced some strong waves and currents.

Okay, not exactly Hawaii 5-0 waves, but enough to knock you for a loop and keep the Ocean City Beach Patrol on alert.

 The lifeguards at 139th Street did far more than sit in their chairs and attract teenage girls.  

Justyn of Ocean City Beach Patrol at 139th Street


         I witnessed three rescues in less than an hour!


               3 rescues—all by the same lifeguard!


   This is Justyn, here, after bringing his third person to safety.



Justyn (with a "Y" ) at 139th Beach fearlessly braved the waves to bring in a gentleman that was floundering. Once closer, the rescued man was able to walk out of the water—exhausted and thankful. Little time passed before Justyn was called to duty again to bring in another swimmer in distress. Justyn returned to an applauding crowd. Then, again he was off to rescue a child.

I was tired just watching!

Kudos to the Ocean City Beach Patrol! 


Even when Justyn was swimming, another lifeguard was present to keep watch and to help with the rescue.

Patrick King of the OCBP was there to assist. I watched as he ran into the surf as well for what could have been yet another rescue.

Patrick King of Ocean City Beach Patrol




               Patrick King of the Ocean City Beach Patrol at 139th Street.



After the rescues, the lifeguards communicated with fellow guards using semaphore, which is a series of flags representing the alphabet.

After swimming in heavy surf, was he signaling about a safe rescue or that he needs a day off?

While I am always vigilant at the beach, it's comforting to know that the members of the Ocean City Beach Patrol are trained and ready should I need them. Ocean City, MD has some great waves--fortunately, not quite like these everyday.   For more on their training, history, and beach safety tips, you can visit their website-- Ocean City Beach Patrol.  They even have a link showing the semaphore alphabet—maybe you can figure out the lifeguard's messages! 

If you should need a place to stay along the Eastern Shore, please check out Shore Thing Vacation Rentals.

Stay safe!




Time for the Chincoteague Pony Swim

It's that time of the year for the 87th Annual Pony Swim and Auction. Over 40,000 people visit the small, serene town of Chincoteague for this special event.




Beautiful picture from the 2011 Chincoteague Pony Swim courtesy of Equine Ink.

Read some commentary about the wild ponies at






The "Saltwater Cowboys", many of whom are volunteer firefighters swim the ponies across the channel from the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island. The Pony Swim & Auction keeps the wild pony population in check and acts as a fundraiser for the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company.

Spectators gather early to catch a glimpse of this world famous event. The swim occurs during "slack tide" which is a short period between tides. This should occur between 8:30 a.m.– 9:30 a.m. After the swim, the ponies take a brief rest and then participate in a "parade of ponies", as they make their way to the carnival grounds. The carnival will open that evening at 7:00 p.m.

pony-swimPhoto courtesy of the Town of Chincoteague.

For the most current information regarding event schedules, parking, shuttle buses, etc., please visit the Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce website. To learn more about Chincoteague, VA, the history of the Pony Swim, photos, and even a live Web Cam, you can check out  They also provide a guide for the Pony Swim & Auction that is especially helpful for the newcomer.  

Since Shore Thing Vacation Rentals is relatively new to the Virginia area, we do not have accommodations available during this event.  Our Chincoteague vacation rentals by owner are already booked! However, we do have a variety of vacation rentals in both Maryland and Virginia for August and September of 2012.  Autumn is a lovely time for the Eastern Shore.  You may also look into vacation preparations for next year as well.

If you have had the pleasure of experiencing the Pony Swim & Auction, please share your story!



Spend Easter at the Jersey Shore


Spring has sprung!  

I’m saying goodbye to Winter, albeit a wimpy one, and saying a big Hello to Spring! There’s no better place to celebrate Easter than the Jersey Shore. Not the MTV show, not “the Situation” hiding Easter eggs; I’m sure the cast of the Jersey Shore would put a whole new spin on an Easter Egg Hunt.

No, I’m talking about the Easter Day Promenade on Ocean City’s Boardwalk. Patent leather shoes, fancy dresses, and of course, Easter bonnets. Bonnet? Does anyone say that anymore? OK, let’s go with hats. The kids can strut their stuff and see the Easter Bunny too.  Even pets can strut in the Woofin Paws Fashion Show.

 Where else can you get a picture with the Easter Bunny in a lifeguard stand? Check out all of the Easter events:

Or, how about Easter in Wildwood? You won’t have to hunt for an Easter Egg Hunt—

there are several hunts on the Wildwood beach and the boards. 



Are the kids too old to search for eggs? Then Wildwood is the place to be.

Easter Sunday marks opening day for Morey’s Pier.

Rides, entertainment, food and fun!   

Check out the story on 

 The Official Blog of Wildwood, NJ Centennial 2012 Celebration.



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